Whole Body Alignment

The Whole Body Alignment course is “the next step” for individuals with a few months (or years) applying the basic principles of alignment to their personal or professional movement practice.

This 50+ hour course teaches how to assess static positioning and introduces the student to a broader perspective of movement — going beyond exercise. While you do not need any previous course work to make use of the content, many of our students include allopathic professionals (physical therapists, doctors, nurses) as well as allied health pros (massage therapists, kinesiologists, personal trainers). Many of our graduates began with intrinsic “credentials”: a fascination with optimal human function, natural movement, and a desire to increase their personal level of wellness.

Many take this course for personal enlightenment. Many take this course as a pre-requisite to become a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist™ with the intention of teaching alignment to others. Either way, you will be personally affected by the paradigm-shifting information found here.

View content, read, practice the course materials, and ask your questions all from the comfort of your own home. Need to attend class late at night in the quiet of your home, in your office at lunch time? When your kids are napping in the middle of the afternoon? Not a problem. You can access the course materials any time day or night. You simply log on to the course website, click on the lesson you’re working on, and get started!


  • Once you register you’ll receive access to online content via your computer.
  • Course includes 56 hours of pre-recorded, online lecture/movement sessions
  • Course manual (on disk)
  • Community access
  • RES-Only Newsletter


There is an online Facebook group for students, where they can interact with graduates, teachers, and other students in progress.


You can complete the lessons at any time, all at your own pace, but we do recommend taking a minimum of 4 months with the course content. The class is entirely self-paced, and you’ll have  ongoing access to the course.

Whole Body Alignment Online Course
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Price: $850.00

Interested in becoming a Restorative Exercise Specialist? Click here to read about the next step!


The Institute teaches from a wholistic, “natural” point of view. The gist of our course work begins with the basic assumption that the modern environment creates body positioning and use patterns that are not in accordance with the body’s requirements for optimal functioning. In addition to corrective exercises, the Institute’s programming focuses on lifestyle changes that improve body geometry and the loads created at a cellular level.

We strive to uncover the influence of culture on movement and health science and rely on science and evidence-based arguments. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach (biological, biomechanics, anthropology, exercise science) we discuss how the alignment of the skeleton contributes to diseases typically considered “normal.” The Whole Body Alignment course also focuses on objective measures in position and typical errors that arise from subjective position-data common to research and professional practices.

This education program is an in-depth look at the mechanics of the human machine, from the role of muscles and bones in balance and alignment; the role of alignment in optimal function; and the roles of the brain, awareness and culture in supporting or undermining optimal human function.

In addition to corrective exercises, the Institute’s programming focuses on lifestyle changes that improve body geometry and the loads created at a cellular level.


  • Exercise History and Science
  • Biomechanics of Muscle and the Cardiovascular System
  • The 25-Point Alignment Program
  • The 50 First Exercises
  • Blood Physics and Lymph
  • Blood Vessel Geometry
  • Mechanics of Psoas, Core, and Pelvic Floor
  • Mechanics of the Legs and Hips
  • Mechanics of the Feet
  • Physics of Neurology (Proprioception)
  • Shoulder Girdle/Upper Body
  • Mechanics of the Shoulder Girdle
  • Upper Body Skill Set
  • Physics of Respiration
  • Physics of Cellular Regeneration
  • Physics of Bone Density
  • Balance and Proprioception
  • Gait Basics, Leg, and Foot
  • Gait and Pelvic Floor Disorder
  • Gait and Osteoporosis
  • Advanced Gait
  • Gait Patterns
  • Whole Body Exercises


This is possibly the best educational (and life changing) experience I have had.  Being a chiropractor and using neurofeedback therapy to help brain injuries you would think I had it all together in the area of “alignment,” but not so. Last year I was so crippled from chronic achilles tendonitis, I could barely walk, much less exercise.  Every therapy known did not help. After 1 month of Restorative Exercise™ and proper alignment and I was 90% better – unbelievable! Less than a year later I climbed Half Dome in Yosemite. Don’t pass up the opportunity and experience for optimum wellness no matter your age or profession.
G.I. - Chiropractor, Ventura, CA
As a 70+ year old retired attorney and nationally certified strength trainer, I found the Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) program the most scientific, logical and effective program for total body health and wellness. I was recently certified as a RES, and by integrating the principles of the program into my daily life. I am seeing a reverse in serious pelvic prolapse and osteopenia. I have eliminated orthotics and enjoy going barefoot again. I am now taking the program on line for my Master Teacher certification. As the biomechanist who originated this program, Bowman has taken the science of biomechanics to a new level and made it available to anyone who chooses to learn and use it.
Joan A.
The RES program has revolutioned my attitude to health and fitness. I considered myself very 'fit' having swum and run seriously for many years. However I developed several health issues that made me realize that I was obviously not in optimal health. After doing lots of research I came across some articles on female health by Katy Bowman and it was as if she was describing me. The RES program has been absolutely fascinating for me as someone interested in my own health and also as a biologist interested in evolution, physiology and human function. I have noticed a significant improvement in my health since beginning the RES program and encourage anyone interested in their health and that of their family to take this course. This is not a quick-fix 20 minute-a-day exercise program, this is a program that teaches how to use the human machine all of the time for optimal health and longevity.
Jeannette L. - Biologist
As a personal trainer that works primarily with Special Populations, it was very difficult for me to find exercises that my clients could do that did not aggravate their current conditions (e.g. back pain, knee pain, etc.) and improved their well-being. From Katy's lectures, I learned that most exercises are derived or based on athletic movements not natural movements, and thus, not always effective for training Special Populations . When I started training my clients using Restorative Exercises, they tell me that their level of pain have decreased and their postures have improved! The RES certificate program enhanced my personal training skills and abilities to better help my clients. Thanks Katy!
Lulin T. - Personal Trainer