Restorative Exercise™ Specialist

Becoming a Restorative Exercise Specialist™

To become a Restorative Exercise Specialist, 120 hours of work beyond the whole body course is required. Some of this time can be completed at your “home office”. The rest requires one week at either our home office in Ventura, California or at Pacific North West Facility in Sequim, Washington.

This live “homecoming week” includes multiple exercise sessions a day, 6 private alignment sessions with RE Master Teachers, group business training, internship, and testing.

We take reservations for Practitioner Certificates once you are a minimum of 3 months into the online program (we suggest you view one of the twelve sessions every two weeks to allow for maximal motor skill acquisition).

To see upcoming scheduled certification weeks, please visit the Appearances page.

Homecoming Hours:

Supervised exercise classes – 16 hours
Private Sessions w/Restorative Exercise Specialist™ – 6 hours
Observation of Private Sessions – 8 hours
Study Group – 4 hours
Intern Hours – 3 hours
Exam – Written and Practical (Both completed during RES week)

Home Work:

Intern Hours (to be done w/friends/family/or in current practice) – 7 hours

Home Movement Practice:

20 hours a month for 3 months, following DVD or online instruction – 60 hours
Project – 15 hours
(EXAMPLES: Creating alignment blog, business website, 4 or 6-week class curriculum, creating practitioner handouts, etc.)
Upon completion of requirements and passing of both exams, student will be granted a Restorative Exercise™ Specialist – Certified Personal Trainer certificate. Certificate is valid for two years and is renewable with 90 CEU hours every two-year period. Continuing education opportunities include taking classes or webinars or advanced Restorative Exercise™ training. Continuing education opportunities are typically by donation.

Certificate Fee: $950 (Paid during Homecoming week!)

We're sorry: This program is currently closed to new students. Please check back late 2015 for the new program curriculum and requirements.