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Every Woman’s Guide To Foot Pain Relief (Hard Copy)

Thumb-Foot-Pain-SMThe first step to whole-body alignment starts with the feet. Foot pain is an indicator of whole-body malalignment, a predictor of immobility as we age, and a risk factor for other illnesses of the knee and hip. You can bring your feet to many experts over your lifetime, or you can choose, today, to become the expert of your own body.

(And guys, although the title and cover are geared towards women, this book is written for any person who is seeking a primer on optimal alignment and looking to establish a foundation that restores health.)

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Alignment Matters (Hard Copy)

Thumb-Alignment-Matters-SM Get to the meat of your alignment matter! A fantastic reference of functional body physics that reads with all of the humor of a “laugh-out-loud” blog . . . because it is one.

Through her blog, “Katy Says,” biomechanist Katy Bowman has been educating hundreds of thousands of people about optimal alignment and natural movement since 2007. Alignment Matters contains the first five years of her short essays — organized, edited, and indexed for easier learning. Starting with the feet and working all the way up to the head, Bowman’s clear, engaging text lays out a “user’s manual” for the human body, including stretches, habit modifications, spiritual insights, and enough belly laughs to soften even the tightest psoas.

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Alignment Matters (E-Book)

Thumb-Alignment-Matters-SMNOTE: Because there are many various devices and operating software, your download will include both a Mobi and Epub file. The NOOK device utilizes the Epub file and the Kindle the Mobi file. If you use other devices, we recommend downloading the Kindle App and running the Mobi file.

If you live abroad and dislike large shipping costs, are looking for a more eco-friendly option, or love your hard copy but want a more portable version to keep with you all the time — the E-BOOK version is for you!

Take this outstanding reference text on the road with you wherever you go.


Katy’s Book Bundle

Thumb-Alignment-Matters-SMThumb-Foot-Pain-SM Both Alignment Matters and New Science of Healthy Feet Books are required texts for the Whole Body Certification program. Get a jump start on the prerequisite self-study and recommended personal practice by downloading the Alignment Matters Study Guide here.

Save on the books and shipping costs by ordering together.

$32.00 + S&H

Every Woman’s Guide To Foot Pain Relief (E-Book)

Thumb-Foot-Pain-SM You can find the digital version of this book on Amazon.com by clicking here:

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Alignment Matters (Case – 22 Books)

$395.00 + S&H


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